Group Events – Touraine, Ouest-Center region, nearby Tours & Poitier

Are you looking for new types of family event, or group event in the Loire Castle region? The Appart’Hotel La Roche-Posay holidays apartment resort welcomes your group and provides you with high quality standards accommodations in the Loire region !

Ask now for a Free Group Price Quote and get a special groups rates offer for your coming holiday in Quimper. The Appart’Hotel La Roche-Posay  guarantee you the best comfort with fully equipped apartments for Weedings, anniversary, or friends reunions etc…

  • Your family reunion
  • Your anniversary & baptism
  • Your cousin’s reunion
  • Your weeding
  • Your friends events 
  • Your sport club events 
  • Your sport groups events: bikes, motors, golf, hiking … 
  • Your old school cars meating
  • Your dog agility events 
  • Your professionnal seminars & incentive events

Stay in Group in La Roche-Posay

Ask Us a Quote for your Event :

Ask a Free Quote

Trust our rexperience to manage your group event ! Accommodation, meals organisation, parties animations, sport activities, kids club, other group events … At our resort, you will get all the necessary comfort to enjoy a time meeting your expectations!

We manage your event organisation entirely, in order to let you seize the day and fully enjoy your holidays. For a weekend, or a longer stay in the Touraine region, enjoy our spacious and fully equipped apartments that can welcome up to 8 guests.

At our residence, there is enough space to welcome your entire family or group  in high quality standards accommodations, with a reception or seminar room (we can also arrange meal organisation with a private chef services). The eco-friendly holiday resort Appart’Hotel La Roche Posay adapts its offers to all specificities of your event as well as your needs and expectations.

The residence & activities :

A reception hall, inside the residance, for your group event !

You are looking for a reception hall and accomodations nearby Tours and Poitier ? Located in the Touraine region, the eco-friendly holidays resort Appart’Hotel La Roche Posay is welcoming your group at any time of the year for your special event.

For your group event, we offer 4 spacious reception halls, that can welcome up to 180 guests.

The ideal place for a special event, in the heart of the residence, in order everybody can stay afterwards to sleep and enjoy a great breakfast! Offer to your guests a memorable and unique moment in our eco-friendly apartment residence the Appart’Hotel Le Splendid.

And as every group have special needs and enquieries, our professionnal team will adapt its offer to your requests, for a weekend time or a long stay event in La Roche Posay!

 Download your Free and Personnalized price quote and get special rates offers for your group accomodation and your event !

Discover our spacious accommodations in a scandinavian style, measuring from 35 sqm to 75 sqm and that can welcome up to 8 guests. Located in the heart of La Roche-Posay city, you will enjoy eco-friendly and fully equipped apartments, especially designed to welcome large families and friend groups, in the authentic atmosphere just nearby the Futuroscope Park.

Those  high quality standards accommodation, are the ideal place for groups that wish to stay for 1 night, a weekend or a longer holiday period. Our apartments will seduce you with their warm interior design and decoration, as well as with their unique location, in the beautiful Vienne region of France

Our apartments are perfect for groups looking for a peaceful atmosphere,  at 200 meters from the Thermal Center of la Roche Posay, to organise a weeding, a cousins reunion or any other group events ! 

Please, do not hesitate to contact us so we can manage to know all your needs and adapt our accomodations offer for your event !

The Appart Hotel La Roche-Posay doesn’t offer any restaurant services. Indeed, all our apartments offer a fully equipped kitchen with all necessary cooking utensils ! Moreover, there is a range of supermarkets and shops in the city center of La Roche-Posay. If you don’t feel like cooking, you can also experience and discover one of the many restaurants in the area, that will delight you…

Nearby Restaurant:

All types of restaurants in La Roche-Posay, and its surroundings:

  • Auberge de la Roche – 2, place de l’Eperon, +33 5 49 86 18 81
  • Les Douves – 3, route du 4eme Zouaves, +33 5 49 86 11 22
  • Restaurant Saint-Roch – 4 cours Pasteur, +33 5 49 19 49 45
  • Clos de Vigne – 4 av Fontaines, +33 5 49 85 72 00

Gourmet Outdoor Markets :

  • Tuesday and Friday morning in the city center of La Roche-Posay
  • ” Marché de Pays ” every Thursday and in the evening in the summer

Group activities & animations in the Vienne region :

Enjoy a peaceful and unique environment in the Indre-et-Loire and Loire regions, in our resort where relaxation and peacefulness will be your only concerns… Welcome your entire family and group of friends in a convivial atmosphere, nearby Châtellerault !

From 10 to 500 guests, the Appart’Hotel La Roche Posay is offering an original and special moment for your group event nearby the worldwide reknowned thermal center of La Roche Posay, with a great range of activities, for every tastes, ages and type of event (family or friends reunion, weedings, private or professionnal..).

Benefit from the expertise and knowledges of our team to ensure the success of your group event organisation. In the heart of a colorful and unique region, the Appart’Hotel La Roche Posay offers a range of various activities and cultural places to discover around the Touraine and Loire Castle area :

  • Group day-trip to visit the famous Loire Castles
  • Group day-trip to discover the Touraine region
  • Group day-trip to discover the Vienne region and the Roman art
  • Green & sustainable group day-trips
  • Group day-trip for hiking & moutain biking experiences in the Chinon surroundings and along the Loire river
  • Group day-trip for cyclotourism
  • Canoe-Kayak group day-trip
  • Horse riding group day-trip
  • SPA and wellness group day-trip

Relaxing family  Week-end  / Wellness group holidays

La Roche-Posay is reknown for the high quality standards of its Thermal Cure, ranked as the first Dermatology- Thermal Center in Europe, with special treatment for simple skins problems to post skin-cancer cures.  Every year, about 10 000 Curists come to Roche-Posay to cure a range of skin illness and problems :

  • Eczema and dermatitis
  • Psoriasis
  • Scars, burns  after-effects and Naevus treatment
  • Oral pathologies
  • Post skin cancer treatments

Indeed, since 5 decades , the Laroche Posay thermal wtaer is well knowned for its medical benefits on the human body and more precisely for skin problems treatments. The La Roche-Posay thermal water, also called the « Velvet Water » is very rich in Selenium, Silica, Bicarbonates and Calcium. This special and unique mineral blend helps the body to fight dermathological deaseases. In 1897, the thermal water have been recognised as a public utility center by the French Medical Academy, and this in 1905 that the first Thermal Center have been created.

An Eco-Friendly residence in the heart of La Roche-Posay

You wish to book a group event  in an eco-friendly holiday resort, perfectly integrated to its natural surrounding environment ?

Terres de France is a unique holiday resort group, set up with the wish to promote green tourism, nature and eco-responsability toward the beautiful environment of France. We are deeply convinced that nature’s protection rely on sustainable actions. Therefore, we provide eco-firendly accommodations in the Touraine region, with its natural sites and large range of actvities !

With your family or work colleagues, your days will be rythm by the nature, breathing the fresh air and share simple pleasures in the Touraine region!

The Ecology, a fundamental value at the Appart’Hotel La Roche-Posay

Come and discover our holiday apartment resort, that will allow you to arrange your personnal convictions and event project. Our values remains the same since the beguinning: with a constant quality, the respect of our environment as well as the promotion of our region tresures. To go further, our accommodations have been especially designed and constructed  to limit their impact on our environment and to respect the well being of our customers.

Our accommodation are close to the nature, and sustainable : water economy, hot air pumps, paper consumption reduction, waste recycling…

Therefore, all our team members are highly concerned by :

  •  Integrating the ecology and sustainability in its daily activities
  •  Informing and awarning customers about the environment protection
  •  Giving feedbacks every year regarding all actions and results regarding its commitments toward sustainability

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